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What makes you angry

Complying with laws often requires companies to fulfill organizational and technical requirements. This involves changing processes, establishing new roles or, in the worst case, creating new jobs. As a consequence, people frequently have to be assigned responsible roles to safeguard everything but without being a “disruption”.

This is especially true when it comes to data protection, money laundering prevention, and compliance. The requirements can place unreasonable demands on many companies which (have to) control their costs, yet cannot see any added benefit from professional, competent support. As a result, they only grudgingly implement the statutory minimum.

What we do

We optimize your company for DMC and relieve you of the responsibility. Data protection, money laundering prevention, and compliance are our core competencies. Our expertise revolves around the legal, organizational and technical aspects.

Our services range from rectifying minor deficiencies in every area to complete packages for one or all of these fields. In the process, we help your company to achieve 100% compliance. Our services minimize your legal risks with regard to data protection, money laundering prevention, and compliance. At your request, we can continue to support you over the long term as the legally designated representative for your company.

How we work

We work efficiently and develop pragmatic solutions that fit your company. These solutions are based on the experience that we have gained in diverse industries and companies combined with our IT expertise.

We work with transparent cost structures and, wherever possible, calculate fixed budgets. As always, these are tailored to your specific needs. Because transparency in every respect is the foundation for good collaboration.

We are personal. You always have access to your own personal contact.

Our services – the solution to your problem

Data protection

We deliver data protection tailored to your needs: As a complete package covering every aspect of your company or as individual elements such as training or cookie consent tools. [...]

If you need an external data protection officer, simply contact us!

Money laundering prevention

We identify and assess the specific money laundering risks within your company and effectively eliminate these risks. [...]

When needed, we serve as troubleshooters and caretakers, acting as your external anti-money laundering officer to guarantee that your company complies with the regulations.


We identify specific compliance risks within your company and establish an efficient compliance management system which protects both the company and the people involved. [...]

Where necessary, we can expand compliance to create a good “governance structure”. This includes guidelines, checklists and training. At your request, we are also happy to serve as your external compliance office.

Whistleblower system

Companies with 50 or more employees and public institutions are required to provide reporting channels which enable legal violations to be reported anonymously and confidentially. We implement the requirements and provide a platform-based whistleblowing system. Our system fulfills all of the legal and technical requirements, providing anonymous, secure and data protection-compliant access.

Our Team – the mix makes the difference

The right mix of qualifications raises a consulting team above the rest when it comes to data protection, money laundering prevention, and compliance. That’s why our team consists of exactly the experts you need: experienced lawyers, compliance managers and engineers.

Dr. Eric Heitzer

Managing Partner
Certified Data Protection Officer (Bitkom)
Certified Privacy Professional Europe (CPPE)

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Stefan Winger INTEGRITY

Stefan Winger

Senior Manager Data Protection
Certified Data Protection Officer (TÜV)

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Tatjana Wipperfürth

Assistant to the management
Project Controlling

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Norbert Gerhards

IT Manager
Qualified engineer

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Emre Uysal Porträt

Boğaçhan Emre Uysal

Junior Advisor Data Protection