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Everything has always gone well in the past. With this mentality, some management bodies see no need to establish processes capable of preventing otherwise avoidable threats even today.

That is negligent. Management and corporate liability are a reality and countless examples exist. Not least, companies face severe fines and damage to their reputation in the event of violations. Personal liability can also result in professional sanctions and, in some cases, even fines and imprisonment.

A good compliance management system (CMS) protects both companies and their management from being held liable for their own misconduct and that of employees. A CMS establishes clear structures and processes within the company which ensure that the company and the company’s employees comply with the applicable laws in the relevant areas.

This is both feasible and affordable.


INTEGRITY is not simply a token gesture but provides a personnel and organizational compliance structure tailored to the company. We identify your compliance-specific risks. We then work with you to develop and establish the appropriate building blocks to implement an efficient CMS. If necessary, we also develop corporate guidelines covering areas such as corruption prevention or data protection. We consider your industry’s typical risk profile, limiting the expenses in the process.


We identify the compliance risks relevant to your company and determine which measures have already been taken and issues need to be addressed (situation analysis, risk analysis, hazard analysis).

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Concept design & implementation

We prepare binding compliance guidelines based on a Code of Conduct. This defines the roles, how the guidelines function and also addresses current and future issues in accordance with the risks. We then assist you with the implementation.

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Whistleblower system

We can run your whistleblower system in compliance with the law and using certified high-security servers. This enables you to fulfill the requirements of the European Directive (EU) 2019/1937).

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Compliance office

We serve as the permanent external (chief) compliance office for a number of renowned companies and safeguard the progress they have achieved in this regard. We are also happy to support you. Contact us for further information.

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We train your employees to raise their awareness of both general and specific compliant issues.

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Your contact persons

Location Aachen

Dr. Eric Heitzer

Managing Partner
Certified Data Protection Officer (Bitkom)
Certified Privacy Professional Europe (CPPE)

+49 241 4134 455-120


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Data protection

We deliver data protection tailored to your needs: As a complete package covering every aspect of your company or as individual elements such as training or cookie consent tools, etc.

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Money laundering prevention

We identify specific compliance risks at your company. Upon request, we can also ensure that your company implements an efficient compliance management system.